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  1. Hi Chrisine we bought a Cavalier from you 11 years ago and she is doing well and was 11 today new years day I would love to send you a picture but my emails are sent back can you please let me know were I can email you one we are friends of sue smith
    thanks annette and john Phaff

  2. Hi Chris
    Beautiful looking puppies.
    Hope you and Brian are doing well.
    Lib x

  3. Hi Christine I bought my boy Flynn from you 7 years ago. He is very busy & outgoing but loves to be on my lap in the evenings. I also got his mum Effie from you soon after. She was 5 years old when I got her & has just turned 12. She is such a loving gentle soul, still doing well. I had my first Cavalier for 12 years & so glad I found someone who bred Cavaliers with such wonderful gentle personalities.

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