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  1. Hi Chrisine we bought a Cavalier from you 11 years ago and she is doing well and was 11 today new years day I would love to send you a picture but my emails are sent back can you please let me know were I can email you one we are friends of sue smith
    thanks annette and john Phaff

  2. Hi Chris
    Beautiful looking puppies.
    Hope you and Brian are doing well.
    Lib x

  3. Hi Christine I bought my boy Flynn from you 7 years ago. He is very busy & outgoing but loves to be on my lap in the evenings. I also got his mum Effie from you soon after. She was 5 years old when I got her & has just turned 12. She is such a loving gentle soul, still doing well. I had my first Cavalier for 12 years & so glad I found someone who bred Cavaliers with such wonderful gentle personalities.

  4. I really like your site and especially like the questions you ask of someone looking to have a puppy come into their family. I am doing lots of research at the moment about breeders and this breed as I think we are made for each other but the timing is not yet right for me. I will be making enquiries through you when the time is right though. Thanks for some great information and pictures.

  5. hi Christine, we acquired our first puppy from you in 2008, Blenheim male- Monty. he was a delightful little soul, everything we ever wanted from a Cavie. we absolutely adored him-he had a great life with us on the farm, when we moved from Burnie. handsome too! Died this year, we will never forget him, thank you Christine, it was a beautiful gift to have him in our lives.
    George and Ximena

  6. Thanks George for letting us know, so pleased he had a full and happy life, and on a farm too

  7. Hi Christine, 2 years on since I last made contact so just wanted to let you know how things are going. Effie is still with me & will be 15 yrs old in November. She had a little episode ? stroke which she recovered fully from, then last year she had an episode when she couldn’t stand or walk & spent 3 days in hospital. Each time I think she is going to leave me she soldiers on and is still my admittedly slow, old companion. Just taking some medication for her arthritis otherwise well. Flynn will be 10 yrs in December. Apart from skin allergy problems he is also well & it’s hard to imagine him ever being a slow old dog. He is so full of energy. Because of Effie’s arthritis he is not allowed to sleep at night with her now as he uses her as a pillow but I wake sometimes at night to find he’s in her bed. I’m sure I will have a problem with him fretting when the time comes that I lose her, so will be in touch to see if you have a companion for him in an older dog or puppy.

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